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Why Diversifying your Social Media Portfolio is a must.

Facebook WAS the end all for getting your brand into the stratosphere of social media for free. But as 2013 closed both Google and Facebook made enourmous shifts in their content strategy. Setting their algorithms to target and de-esculate posts having sales or marketing language. As pages saw their reach plummeting everyone was left scrambling to keep their visibility afloat. If your business wants to continue to benefit from social media efforts you now need to be in more than one or two places. The top contenders still continue to be Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Pinterest, and If you have spent anytime on these platforms you know they all have a different tone to the conversation you are having with your fans or followers. How can you manage all of those if you are a small business? Sound overwhelming? Fortunately Pursel Advertising can show you how to create and navigate a social media presence that is managable. Too much trouble for you or your current staff to handle? We can manage your day to day social presence as well.

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