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Does THIS sound like your business???

Take a look at this list. Do you find yourself agreeing with any of the statements regarding your current advertising/marketing? If so... you can do better. We have a few suggestions. Just ask. It's Free. Really. It is.

(509) 464-0259. Leave a message and we WILL call you back. Quickly in fact. Wasting mountains of money is not a good thing. Might as well Flush It.

When you are reacting to daily sales and pressure...this is what can happen.

  • You buy short-term schedules on radio and television. You’re disappointed.

  • You buy digital ads. You’re disappointed.

  • You post on Facebook and Instagram. You’re disappointed.

  • You are busy with activity but sales stay stagnant.

  • You hire SEO experts promising to make you number 1. You’re disappointed.

  • You spread your marketing budget hoping something works.

  • You don’t know what to say in your ads. So you let media people say it for you.

  • You have a series of providers sending out conflicting messages to customers.

  • You buy media, but don’t know how much to invest.

  • You drop prices and run a sale. You get a sugar high followed by a low.

  • You get marketing advice from sales reps pushing their own agenda.

  • You copy what others are doing; businesses that don’t know what they’re doing.

  • You have a better business, but your competitors grow, while you stay stuck.

  • You ask people where they heard about you because you don’t know what works.

  • You buy short-term advertising options because you lack confidence.

  • You don’t add up all your spending for fear it will scare you.

  • You get overwhelmed with marketing and advertising options.

  • You are always desperate for more customers.

  • Your business doesn’t grow as fast as it could.

  • Your marketing bucket is full of holes. Customers trickle in and fall out.

  • You don’t think like a customer. You’re inside the bottle looking out.

  • You get busy and stop doing what worked. Then business gets slow again.

  • You get frustrated and disillusioned.

  • Isn't it time to do the right thing for your biz? Call us.

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