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Are THESE your Biggest Concerns?

Marketing Charts did a survey this spring. The results are based on a survey of 300 marketers and agency professionals (50/50 split) involved in advertising and media decision-making.

As you can see the top concerns are how to reach customers (hasn’t that been the biggest concern since Moses tried to sell the 10 commandments?) and accurate measurement, especially how goals are met. Of 20 issues listed… look at Number 4 below. Markets 4th biggest concern…choosing the right media and advertising budget. If you’re in business, be honest, it is a BIG concern. You NEVER want to waste marketing dollars. However, nothing is 100% guaranteed, including your marketing decisions. But you can hedge your bet by using a company with decades of experience in finding your customer, and placing your message where they will be most receptive to the message. If this is a concern to you, perhaps calling the number listed below will help you sleep better at night.

Pursel Advertising uses cutting edge research COMBINED with years of experience in what works and what does not work. Give us a shout. We’ll talk. We’ll put a plan together for you. It’s all complementary. Unless you enjoy being awake at night!

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