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Big Advertisers Media Plans.. What can you learn?

It’s a huge stretch to say these big advertisers are not using digital at all, but every medium has a life cycle.. Digital has crawled from infancy to “Teen Years” and is ready for adulthood. In the early years, there is the “cute phase”, where even a burp is a call for smiles and hugs. That same creature burping as a Teen? Not so cute. (One human note, once the creature is pushing 90, burps are cute again!!)

Look at your advertising spend. Calculate the dollars. Maybe your digital campaigns are rocking the balance sheets. Don’t mess with it. But if you have this funny feeling things are not as rosy as they should be, then read on.

This just in today from Axios.

Some of the world's biggest advertising spenders are fed up with the digital supply chain and are yanking digital dollars from ad campaigns to put them towards TV.

Sound backwards? Not if you ask marketing execs who say they're fed up with losing millions of dollars a year to ad tech vendors, digital ad fraud and transparency problems.

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble — the world's largest ad spender — tells Axios that some of his biggest brands, like Tide laundry detergent, have seen better performance results in market tests on TV than digital.

  • "The major issues in digital is that the supply chain still has way too many touch points in it and it lacks transparency," says Pritchard.

  • In January, Pritchard threatened to boycott spending with the digital ad behemoths (Google, Facebook, major ad networks etc.) unless they worked to make the system more transparent. He now says the ecosystem is about 40% of the way there, largely thanks to the pressure major advertisers (P&G, Unilever, etc.) are putting on the system.

  • Pritchard says radio and out of home (billboard) marketing have also been showing increasingly positive results.

  • The majority dollars don't even make it to publishers: Citing industry studies, Prichard says that only 40% of dollars reach publishers after payouts to ad tech vendors, and up to another 25% of dollars could be wasted on ad fraud and problems with ad viewability (ads not loading right or ads that aren't actually viewed by humans).

What you need is someone who understands the power and influence traditional media has, and how to leverage that, while not ignoring the new marketing opportunities available. If you need a suggestion who to call, we would gladly provide some advice.

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