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Need Help Going out of Business?

I'm going out of business. That is not something most businesses enjoy saying. It's funny to me, however, how many stores do everything they can to GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Take Shakey's for Example. Shakey's Pizza is a name most old timers know. I remember eating Pizza for lunch in Boise during the 70's while watching old time silent movies like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Then Shakey’s went away, at least around Eastern Washington. But a couple years ago they opened in North Spokane. I thought you’d hear all about them. (No, I didn’t go after their advertising.. I try to stay away from restaurants) I believe they might have done a little advertising at first, then nothing after that. Guess what happens when you fail to invite people to your store? I can name a few local operators who opened their doors with GREAT expectations.. only to close them later. VERY Few businesses close their doors because they are making LOADS of money and have OODLES of customers. So if you are having a problem making the cash register ring.. what are you going to do about it? Place a POST on Facebook? Hey, it’s free, it must be good. Maybe you should talk with someone who does marketing for a living? Or you can call me later.. I have some Going Out of Business signs I’ll sell ya.

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