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Content is EVERYTHING.

Last week was the anniversary of CBS cancelling the Ed Sullivan Show, saying it only appealed to an older generation. On March 28, Ed took the stage for the last time. I enjoyed Laugh In. I enjoyed Ed Sullivan. What they both had in common was content, and just good entertainment. Laugh In’s successor, Saturday Night Live, was never meant to be on Prime Time. Very Adult humor and situations. TV execs wonders why people are exiting broadcast for Netflix, and Google Chrome. It’s because they have forgotten what good content can bring to the table. (Remember the Carol Burnett Show?)

SURPRISE!! One guy is riding the wave of popularity these days on cable and broadcast TV. Steve Harvey is at the top of his game. Funny, serious, caught-off-guard funny, and relatable to children. His new show, Little Big Shots on NBC has come out of the gates like Secretariat at the Kentucky Derby. The second episode of “Little Big Shots” last week scored huge ratings, the biggest for an NBC show on a Sunday night in years. This past Sunday’s show had 14.8 million viewers. In the Spokane DMA TV market, almost 49,000 TV’s were tuned into Little Big Shots. (Approximately 95,000 people) That was TWICE as many viewers as the Mark Few Show that aired the week of the NCAA Tournament! It’s a show about remarkable children doing remarkable stunts or activities with king-sized talent.

One 6 year old can spell every word thrown at him. Another 5 year old from Japan can swing the nunchaku’s exactly like Bruce Lee. The chemistry between Har

vey and the children is perfect. Innocent, funny, and the bottom line is? Just good entertainment. Amazing. And the people responded. I predict this will be a very popular show. Now, can they keep this level of talent on stage every week? If they can, you’ll be there Sunday Night. So will I.

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