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What's New in your Kitchen?

Samsung Electronics has launched an Internet of Things-enabled refrigerator in South Korea. Dubbed the 'Family Hub', the product was first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The Family Hub is equipped with a 21.5-inch Full HD touch screen that allows users to follow-up on various conditions of the refrigerator. The 850-liter Family Hub refrigerator is available in South Korea for KRW 6.49 million (approximately USD $5,627).

Using the three cameras installed inside, users can check the food stored in the refrigerators through a smartphone application. Users can also order ingredients for recipes through the Family Hub. The touch screen displays photos shared from smartphones, and users can also communicate with other family members through notes and voice recordings. It also links to TVs to deliver content on air. Isn’t that great? Just pull up a chair to watch Jeopardy on your fridge. But does it automatically fix my sandwich for me?

Which brings up my final question. Why is it a “D” when in Fridge, but not in Refrigerator? HUM???? This needs to be addressed by our presidential candidates, yes?

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